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Golio - Free Landing Page UI Kit & Design System

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Looking for a professional and comprehensive Figma template with a dedicated design system and UI kit? Look no further than Goliath! Our free Landing Page UI Kit and UI Blocks come with their own design system and UI kit, providing you with all the essential tools you need to create a stunning and effective landing page. Our design system includes design principles, color styles, font and typography styles, grid and spacing guidelines, and iconography. With 15 sections of UI blocks in various styles and 4 pre-built templates, you'll have plenty of options to choose from to create a unique and engaging landing page that fits your brand. Plus, every layer is named and organized within the UI kit for maximum ease and efficiency.Duplicate Golio now and take advantage of our complete design system and UI kit to create a landing page that stands out from the rest!

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You'll get: Golio - Full UI Kit and Design System. That's include: Design Principle, Style Guide (Color, Typography, Grid, Iconography, Layout, spacing), 60+ UI Blocks, 4 Premade Templates, 200+ UI Components

📚 Design Principle
🌈 Style Guide
Colors, Typography, Grid & Spacing, Iconography
💠 Components
Alert, Avatar, Badge, Button, Card, Input Field, From Element, Dropdown/Select, Download, Modal, Slider, Progress Bar, Tool Tip, Spinner, Tab
🚗 UI Block
Header, Features, Portfolio, Team, Testimonial, Blog & News, Call to Action, Contact, Pricing Plan, Footer, Company Logo, FAQs, Fun-Fact, 404 Error Page, Others
💪 Pre-Made
Personal Portfolio, Company Website, Digital Agency Landing Page, Consulting Company Website

Golio - Free Landing Page UI Kit & Design System

0 ratings
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